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Veterinary Ophthalmology:True Care for Your Pet’s Eyes

Your True Care veterinarian is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and conditions, those that may interfere with your pet’s vision and the long-term health of the eyes.

A critical eye problem can lead to serious damage, permanently harming your pet’s vision and even affecting your animal’s overall health. However, eye health in pets is often overlooked until there is an obvious problem.

Symptoms of Eye Problems in Pets

While it’s true that your pet is unable to tell you when something is wrong, there are a variety of symptoms pet owners should know that are indicative of the need for veterinary assistance. Some of the more recognizable symptoms of an eye problem in pets include:

  • Watery eyes
  • Excessive blinking
  • Squinting
  • Redness
  • Puffiness
  • Pawing at the eyes or face

Glaucoma, tumors, and abscesses behind the eye may cause a bulging appearance, while dehydration, weight loss, and even tetanus may cause the eye to seem sunken. There are many conditions that may cause the eye to simply appear irritated, such as infections or eyelash or eyelid problems. And a discharge of any kind is cause for concern.

Any pet demonstrating pain in or near the eyes—symptoms such as tenderness, discharge, excessive tears, or sensitivity to light—should be brought to your True Care veterinarian at once.

While “watery eyes” or “excessive blinking” may not seem like a veterinary crisis to a pet owner, it is always preferable to contact your veterinarian rather than risk your pet’s eyesight. We work closely with pet owners to identify the source of eye symptoms and to develop a treatment plan that meets the needs of the pet and his or her owner.

Call, or email us at True Care Veterinary Hospital to discuss possible symptoms of eye problems in your pet.

We recommend this helpful guide, Symptoms of Eye Problems in Dogs, from the Pet Health Center at WebMD.


Doctor Tullio is a kind, caring gentleman who has cared for my cocker spaniels for many years now. He has always been helpful‚ honest‚ and understanding with my pets and me. He is a man I trust completely and have and do refer others to him. Any pet owner can feel safe and secure in trusting their beloved pets to his skilled hands.

—Margaret Rowe‚ Howell‚ NJ

When my parents’ dog Kya died very suddenly a few years ago‚ their regular vet was not at work that day. But thankfully‚ Dr. Tullio was and treated my parents and their dog as if he was their doctor for the past 15 years—doing everything he could to try and revive Kya and by being so compassionate to my parents in the waiting room after having to deliver the sad news. We truly can’t say enough nice things about Dr. Tullio and can’t wait for him to open his new facility! Thank you.

—Lori Forrest & Bob Leahy

Molly and Oscar have been patients of Dr. Tullio for several years. I have been very pleased with his care‚ his expertise‚ and his understanding with my two Wheatens. Dr. Tullio has been quick to diagnose any issues and remedy all of the problems we’ve had. I look forward to many more years working with Dr. Tullio. I wish him well in his venture.

—Fran Skiba

Dr. Tullio has always treated our dogs with great knowledge‚ care‚ and compassion‚ and we have grown to know him quite well. We have been so completely impressed with Dr. Tullio’s consistent excellence in care and services that we wanted to share our experience with others. We are pleased to recommend as the place to go for both quality treatment and compassionate care for your furry family members.

—Chuck Porrazzo